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How to order hacking services?

  1. Register an Account.
  2. Make deposit into your Account via Bitcoin or Perfect Money.
  3. Purchase hacking services on our auto Hacking Shop, then follow instruction of providing Victim information.

Note: If you are looking for complicated hacking services than we provide on Auto Shop, please contact us (24/7) via email [email protected] in advance for checking the feasibility.

89 Feedbacks from Customers

  1. i deposited 300 in Bitcoin to my account then order Instagram service, waited around 2 days and got back my Instagram account which I lost the password. thanks Team for providing real service!

  2. first time dealing with this kind of thing. anw just short though, these guys are genuine as they somehow take back control for my Instagram account. but what if someone else hire them again to hack my account ?

  3. Have anyone here ordered the score manipulation? I heard friends said they are good at social media hacking. pls I need to change my score at school to pass some subjects….

      1. yes! they did change my score as I need last week. till now everything look good. A friend of mine also hack into his gf insta from them. Look like they’re know what they’re doing.

  4. please convey my best thanks to your hacker team that processed and giving me the fast – accurate password for my order of facebook password

  5. 3 weeks passed since your hackers erased my criminal record and as i just checked my criminal record still clean. I’m now a huge fan of you guys.

  6. Thank you so much for being here and help me out of bad situation at my college. These guys are totally genuine, they changed my score as my need!

  7. my criminal record has been erased for nearly 3 months already and so far everything still goes smoothly. You are saver of my life!

  8. My entire bad credits has been erased! it’ve been a week now, everything still looks fine.
    Thank you so much for your genuine hacking !

      1. Yes Madny, i got the result 2 days ago. Everything looks good till now. i hope no one in the future can figure it out.

  9. I have no idea how you did that. but now, i am currently go in and go out of my girl friend facebook account without acknowledgement from her! Magically!

  10. 8:04 – making order of Insragram hack
    17:45 – receiving password
    Logged in successfully
    Absolutely Genuine!

  11. it has been difficult to deal with Bitcoin, however, finally got a real seller on, then was able to make deposit and order email hacking, process was easy and gaining access after nearly 1 day. Classy hackers here! Thank you.

  12. bee here for a while but only order when seeing their information on dark market as they are verified there. confidently, then, deposit and purchase Facebook for starting, got an auto confirmation email after purchasing. I right away emailed them my facebook user i wanna hack. Eventually after around 20 hours, they give me email and password! And Great! I do log in into that facebook!

  13. i have been scammed twice before knowing you guys from the advert in deepweb, i have nothing to say except thank you for being legit and gave me the whatsapp record as promised.

  14. come here with skeptical mindset, but great haking services as some people advise on deepweb, ordered changing my grade and get results as expected after 24 hours. Hat off!

  15. with all the respect from tech-savvy man, I still have to admire your skills for hacking into my son iphone, best genuine hackers I’ve seen so far!

          1. Hi Sergio and Hero,
            i ordered this service on May 3rd, till now my college has not said anything. New Changed Grade still appears on system. how about you guys?

            1. thanks for your info Daveuyanty, after researching more info, i came to decide to order. wish me luck you guys.

              1. yeahhhhhh my grade has changed! now i am just worry about if the school knew that but i positively think we will be ok.

                1. Glad to here that Hero, it seems that no ones in my school figure it out. haha. these guys are real genuine hackers !

  16. Great gmail password for my account, i though i lost my gmail account but you guys made it belong to me again. All the best!

  17. Many thanks for hacking my target gmail today, will comeback and try fb hack account next week. Thanks for this charming service!

  18. When i had issues with my fiance i was really depressed and people around me started to notice my attitude i couldn’t hold it anymore so i decided to spit out my problem to the world then a friend introduced me to here. he told me he helped him clear his criminal records and he can handle any kind of hack I reluctantly messaged him and he told me not to worry as my problem will be solved while doubting he hacked into my fiance phone and i realized the massive secrete behind my fiance cunning attitude. His work is cheap depending on what you want to do and and without trace.

  19. Hi Sir,
    It may just your daily jobs. But you did help me overcome the bad situation in my college, now I can see my grade is enough to graduate! I so admire you!

  20. Good morning Sir,
    My co-worker told me about your site as she did use your service to get access to her husband cellphone last 2 weeks. Now i wanna make order of hacking whatsapp account of my son, can you do that pls?

  21. I was referred a friend of mine to come to your service for changing his grade at college, his name is Oliver. He gonna make deposit and order next couple days. Please help him like the way you helped me!
    Best regards!

  22. Good evening, you guys are doing great job! even though it is not right thing to do this, I am still wanna thank for helping me checking my girlfriend facebook.
    All the respec!

  23. I came to your website suddenly on google search, and has a doubt from what u guys doing which is kind of illegal stuff. But as long as you guys give what I want so no problem. Thanks for providing me password of my colleague email!

  24. Hello Team, When I came to your website exactly this day 1 months ago, it a little bit change my mind as well as ordering from you. 2nd receiving access to my friend fb account thats so important to me. Wish your hackers all the best!

  25. Understanding, honest & trustworthy, dependable, legitimate, and willing to work with you on every level. I was skeptical at first but I know my personal interests is with this team. Thank you for the opportunity! Loyal custo -Brinks

  26. Hello Sir, i have read alot testimonials about your good work.
    Please how do i start this, i need more asap on changing my grade.

  27. Hello hackes,
    I read some positive news regarding your jobs. I want hire you to change my school grade before Feb 1, can you do that?

  28. Thank you, my money has been credited in my wallet and I have sent an email to the admin for my order to hack cell phone. Wait your good news!

  29. Hi Admin,
    Please convey my deep thanks to your hacker team who helped me out for changing my grade. I have struggled for studying and though I have to give up my dream but you make my life now easier.
    God Bless you!

  30. I need help. I suspect my fiance is having affair with other woman! Pls i need your help to find out the truth! I will pay you for hacking his cell phone!

      1. Well-done! thanks to your help, I checked her phone and see that there is no conversation or call to stranger man. Now I am confident to continue relationship with here. You must be a phantom hackers!

      1. Sorry Sir! This is first time i ordered, so I am little nervous! I am now checking my daughter emails to see if she is trying to do bad things! Wils you all the best!

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